EVO-8 Head Porting


Porting for stock or oversize valve Mitsubishi EVO-8 head.
Includes work only, using customers head, valves and parts.
Oversize valves, guides, retainers, springs etc. can be supplied separately.
Price includes:
- Disassembly, cleaning and assembling
- Porting and flow measurements before / after
- Valve refacing
- Valve seat machining to head
- Re-surfacing
- New valve guides
- New valve seals

Flow increase over stock head is ~25% with stock valves on Intake side and ~20% on exhaust side.
Exhaust to Intake flow ratio is high and runners are kept small and efficient for good thumble, burn efficiency and improved VE%.

Delivery time ~2-months.

Please be in touch with email before ordering to be sure this head fits your purposes.

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