Ford SBF CHI 3V 225cc CNC porting

1,100.00 / 2 piece(s)

Our own design CNC porting for 2.15"-2.20" or oversize valved for CHI 3V 225cc cylinder head.
Includes work only, using customers head, valves and parts.
Oversize valves, guides, titanium retainers etc. can be supplied separately.

Price includes CNC porting, valve refacing, seat work,  and cylinder head measurements.
Flow increase over stock head is~50cfm from stock 316cfm to 370cfm.
Cross section area and flow supports ~850hp naturally aspirated. Out of the box this head is good to ~700hp.

Dyno tested with 450cid engine to produce 817hp/880nm.

Every cylinder head is hand finished.
Delivery time ~2-months.

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