Opel X16XEL Head CNC Porting


CNC porting for stock or oversize valve Opel X16XEL head.
Includes work only, using customers head, valves and parts.
Oversize valves, guides, titanium retainers etc. can be supplied separately.
Price includes CNC porting, valve refacing, seat work, re-surfacing and cylinder head measurements.

Flow increase over stock head is ~25% with stock valves.
Cross section area and flow can support ~230hp naturally aspirated and ~9000rpm with stock displacement.
Stock head has enough flow and cross section area for ~180hp and ~7500rpm.
Exhaust to Intake flow ratio is high and runners are kept small and efficient for good pulse tuning and ~9000rpm limit of stock crankshaft.

Every cylinder head is hand finished.
Delivery time ~2-months.

Please be in touch with email before ordering to be sure this head fits your purposes.

More pictures to come!

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